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Our school adopts CBSE Curriculum. CBSE means Central Board of Secondary Education. It is a national level board of education in India for public and private schools, controlled and managed by Union Government of India. CBSE has asked all schools affiliated to follow only NCERT curriculum. We too follow NCERT curriculum in our school. Our school aims to achieve the following objective through this curriculum;

1. Students should explore their inner potential and enhance self-awareness.
2. They learn to utilize technology and information for the betterment of humanity.
3. They must inculcate the basic values  in them.
4. They should be able to promote life skills, set their own goals and acquire knowledge for lifelong learning.
5. They should express their talents in public and also appreciate others  good work.
6. Students should strengthen their knowledge and develop livelihood skills.
7. Students should be physically fit, healthy and happy.
8. They must try to achieve cognitive, affective and psychomotor excellence.