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Fr.Arockiam SDB



Don Bosco School of Excellence Sayalgudi (DBSES) is a unique educational institution that imparts holistic knowledge and wisdom to everyone who enters its campus by its educational organism. DBSES is totally dedicated to serve the rural children of this locality. It does not provide knowledge alone but orients the children towards challenges of life. It is devoted to expand the opportunities and to prepare the students to experience the different horizons of life through its quality education and its methods. As we are aware that we are living in the information era or knowledge explosion and thus we are forced to encounter today a different world which is of more crisis -filled and conflict – filled. Hence DBSES is wholly focused to nurture the children towards community relevant academic and professional program, competency in professional communication and quality of life. I am proud to parade and reveal the fact that DBSES is a unit of DON BOSCO institutions across the globe. Every Don Bosco institute not only provides high standard of education but also prepares the platform and shapes oneself towards integrity, commitment, conviction, values, honesty and social reasonability. Therefore DBSES is also committed towards the same uniqueness of every Don Bosco institution and ultimately it aspires towards holistic growth and empowerment of oneself by well self-disciplined and great concern for humanity and environment. I wish everyone who steps into our DBSES campus a warm welcome and pleasant experience.

Fr.Arockiam SDB