Fit India School Flag


Our school emblem represents the core philosophy of the institution. There is an “Open Book” at the bottom of the Logo which represents the book of Knowledge. The “Burning Lamp” on top of the book signifies the enlightenment. The green tree is placed on the right top of the open book which represents the sacrifice, generosity and holistic growth of the students. The stump of the tree stands for students who nurture their life with basic human values for integral growth. The picture of Don Bosco on the left top of the open book tells us that the institution is founded on the philosophy and spirituality of Don Bosco, the great educator of the 19th century. Within the Blue circle we find the name of the school “Don Bosco School of Excellence” indicates that the institution is standing for excellence in everything. The ribbon at the bottom of the logo bears the school motto “To Illuminate Heart and Mind and Soul”. The solid “ivory colour ring” encircles and contains the integrity of the emblem. The white space in the middle of the logo further ensures the innocents and the spotlessness and nurtures the continuity of the flames from the lamp that enlightens.