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Our institution is blessed with good team of 30 staff in different capacities. 24 Teaching staff, 2 office staff, 3 supportive staff and 1 security and 4 part time staff who render their committed service to this institution. They help the orderly functioning of this institution which caters to 300 students from LKG to Grade VIII with the motto “Illuminating Heart, Mind and Soul”.

List of Staff 


S. No Name Qualification Designation
1 Fr.  Albert L M.A, B.Ed, M.Phil., Principal
2 Fr Charles sdb B. A, B. Ed., TGT
3 Fr. Prabhu sdb B. A, English Language Trainer (ELT)
4 Mrs. Mary Sagaya Vinothini M. Sc, B. Ed., TGT coordinator
5 Mrs.SAHAYA SATHIYA GEETHA T B. A, B.Ed (English) Teacher
6 MS. ARULRANSI ROJA A B.Sc, B.Ed (Maths) Teacher
7 Mrs. ANTONY MALAR T B.Lit, B.Ed (Tamil) Tamil Teacher
8 Mrs. ANTONYSAGAYAMANI G B.Sc, B.Ed (Comp. Science) Teacher
9 Ms. JOSE DEEPTHI G M.Sc, B.Ed (Maths) Teacher
10 Mr. NANTHA P B. A, B.Ed (English) Teacher
11 MS. LUKKA A D.Ted Teacher
12 Fr. PETER ANTONYSAMY S B.Sc, B.Ed (Physics) Teacher
13 Br. EDWIN AROKIADOSS S M.Sc, B.Ed (Maths) Teacher
14 Fr. CHARLES A B. A, B.Ed (History) Teacher
15 Fr. GEORGE FERNANDEZ M.A, B.Ed (English) Teacher
16 Mr. Amalorpova Eanokraj B. Sc, B. Ed., TGT
17 Ms. Mary Immaculate Consitha B. Sc, B. Ed TGT
18 Mrs. KALAVATHY P B. A, B.Ed (Hindi) Hindi Teacher
19 Mr. MOHAN KUMAR S M.A, MLISc, M.Phil Librarian
20 Fr. VIMALAN M.Com Administrator
21 Ms. SOPHIYA M.A, JMC Language Teacher
22 Mrs. ANGEL PRIYADARSHINI M.Sc (Comp. Science) Office Staff
23 Fr. BHAKIA RAJ L M.Sc Counselling Counsellor
24 Mrs Thenmozhi M. Sc, B. Ed., PRT
24 Mrs. Josphine M. A, B. Ed., PRT
26 Mrs Anita Packiya B.E. Montessori NTT
27 Mr Lakshmanan M. P. Ed., PET
28 Sr. Elisaba M. A Hindi Tr
29 Ms. Arul Rosy B.Sc. B.Ed., PRT
30 I. Amala Nayagam, B.Ed., Spl Tr